2nd Hamburg Marine Survey Sessions


On 11th and 12th of May 2022, our CEO Felix Ollech was invited to the 2nd Hamburg Marine Survey Session at homePORT Hamburg. Felix was one of the invited speakers and presented NAECO Blue’s solution to the crowd.

Felix Ollech, CEO of NAECO Blue

At the event, representatives of various companies of the offshore sector presented their solutions. One of the highlights was the launch of the ‚Autonomous Surveyor‘ from Subsea Europe and its CEO Sören Themann.

Autonomous Surveyor USV

Thanks to Daniel Esser from Nicola Offshore GmbH, Sören Themann from Subsea Europe Services for the great organization.

Thanks to all the speakers and participants:

Marius Eschen, homePORT Hamburg

Heike Winkler, WAB e.V.

Colin Sutherland, Sonardyne International Ltd

Jann Wendt, north.io GmbH

Cris Sabo, R2Sonic

Bruce Hanson, Maritime Tactical Systems (MARTAC), Inc.

Grace Chia, BeeX

Thomas van der Laan, WINDEA Offshore

Wolfgang Suess, sensysmag

Steffen Knodt, GMT – German Association for Marine Technology

Corentin Troussard, RTSYS – Underwater Acoustics & Drones

Rafał Wasiuk, GISPRO

Special Thanks goes to Swen Bachmann for amazing job behind the camera.



Nautical Surveyor, Port of Hamburg

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