Meet our team: Hannan

NAECO Blue Team
Hannan Naseem

My name is Hannan and I am 27 years young. Since my childhood I have been fascinated by computers and so I could already consolidate my passion for IT and artificial intelligence during my school years. I grew up in Islamabad, Pakistan. However, I was always drawn to the world of data. So I followed my passion and studied Computer Science and successfully graduated with a Master’s degree. Subsequently, I was able to gain experience in various companies and at the university as a research assistant before I discovered the energy industry for myself. Since August 2020, I have been at NAECO Blue and lead the AI and automatization team. There, I am always fascinated by how quickly you can create trends or predictions through data, such as weather or plant data, to provide direct value to the energy industry. This is how we take AI to the next level at NAECO Blue.

In my free time, I love to cook, travel and read.

Working at NAECO is important for my future because machine learning is the future. Not only that but also renewable energy is what the world moves further.“

Hannan Naseem

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