Meet your team: Maryum

NAECO Blue Team
Maryum Nawaz

Hey, my name is Maryum and I´m 27 years young. I realized early that I don’t only enjoy programming and logical thinking, but that I also have a good command of it. So, the decision was quickly made to study Computer Science. During my master’s degree, I deepened my knowledge in the field of cybersecurity. I grew up in Islamabad, Pakistan. I was very attracted to work for an international company that also enriches the environment. That’s how I luckily came across NAECO Blue. There I am now responsible for time signal investigations and data science. Now I lead a team in this area.

In my free time, I love to go out and spend time with my friends and family.

I joined NAECO Blue in Q1 2021 as a programmer to not only expand my knowledge, but also to advance renewable energy. Unfortunately, in my home country the infrastructure isn’t that developed. At NAECO Blue I see a great opportunity to start a change.“

Maryum Nawaz

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