Blind Talk with Claus Ruhe Madsen!


Blind Talk with Claus Ruhe Madsen!

Already in October 2023 our CEO visited Kiel for recording the “Blind Talk with Madsen”-Podcast.

“It was a blast to speak to our minister of economics and surprise him” said Felix Mertens.

Felix Mertens was a surprise guest on Economics Minister Claus Ruhe Madsen’s new podcast „Blind Talk with Madsen“!

Together, the two talk about artificial intelligence within the energy industry, the challenges of the energy transition and more topics. The podcast is available at:

and on all common podcast platforms.

A big thank you goes to the supporting team members around this podcast like: Mirijam Ankrah, Henriette Rieck, Kabuja Filmproduktion and teams.
Schleswig-Holstein. Der echte Norden.

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