Husum Wind 2023


What a blast!!!!

HUSUM WIND day one comes to an end.

The team of NAECO Blue GmbH (Myrna Herres , Rafael Suñé and Felix Mertens ) were nearly booked out and managed to gain some new leads for interesting development projects nearby and far away like Australia.

Felix Mertens performed one speech and one pitch at the stage of WTSH GmbH stage.

More to come in the next few days.

Don’t miss to stop by at Husum Wind Hall 3 Booth A20.

HUSUM WIND second day.

This day was packed with political talks at the booth of NAECO Blue GmbH.

We were delighted to welcome Julia Carstens , Daniel Günther, Joschka Knuth and Dirk Schrödter at the shared booth of WTSH GmbH.
Felix Mertens showed the newest Data-Driven-Solutions for the global energy market with live planning tools and the feed-In forecasts.

At 5pm the brewmaster took over and the dj played music at the booth and we had a night full of good talks, nice people and awesome beer.

If you are also interested in the latest Data-Driven-Solutions by NAECO Blue GmbH or financing and development topics by CapCerta or survey operations by autonomous vehicles by Subsea Europe Services , stop by at hall 3 Booth A20 for a dring and let’s chat.

Day three at HUSUM WIND was again a blast.

Today the day was again packed with good talks and new customers. Two highlights took place. First was the speech of Rafael Suñé about plant analysing and weather data. Interesting facts were presented in front of a big crowd at the stage of WTSH GmbH. The second highlight was the speech of Jakob Heidingsfelder and Felix Mertens about the partnership between EnergieDock GmbH and NAECO Blue GmbH to offer flexibility as a service to our customers. if you want to learn more about the ai-power match reach out to us.

Now we can’t wait to start the fourth day at the fair and we will close the fair with a smiling and crying face tomorrow evening.

We look back on a week full of new experiences, new contacts, exciting conversations and a diverse audience at HUSUM WIND 2023.

There was a lot going on at the NAECO Blue booth last week.

In addition to many exciting conversations with managing directors, entrepreneurs and interested trade visitors, politicians such as Daniel Günther, Joschka Knuth, Julia Carstens and Dirk Schrödter, came to our booth to learn about the latest developments of NAECO Blue.

With some exciting presentations by Rafael Suñé and Felix Mertens, the interest of the visitors was aroused.
Jakob Heidingsfelder from EnergieDock GmbH was also at the fair to present the AI Power Match project together with Felix.

At the NAECO Blue booth, visitors also met our partners CapCerta (represented by Torsten Klemm, Dirk Trochelmann, Carsten Lang , Denny Kruse) and Subsea Europe Services (represented by Sören Themann, Michael Pham).

A big thank you goes to the organizers of WTSH GmbH Jana Avagyan and Lena-Marie Baumann, who did a great job. Also to Tobias Wesner for nice beats at the booth party.

The fair was again a great success! We are looking forward to many new contacts and the next events!

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