Husum Wind 2023 we are coming!

Did you know?

Also, this year NAECO Blue will present the awesome solution at the Husum Wind 2023 (12.-15. September 2023). Due to the energy crisis it is getting more and more important to improve your outcome of your renewable energies and to think one step ahead. With the data driven solutions of NAECO Blue energy producers, consumers and traders have a direct added value due to the ai-algorithms. Forecasting is enabling a more efficient way to operate and plan wind and solar parks. As a combination of feed in forecasting and consumption forecasting, NAECO Blue is delivering an energy management tool for smart homes or even bigger smart factories.

Mr. Felix Mertens and his team will welcoming everyone at the fair and isalready looking forward to nice talks and a better and greener future.

The participation of NAECO Blue is supported by WTSH and funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). We are happy to win this important partners to enable such a presence at the Husum Wind 2023.