New Investor for renewable energy forecasting specialist NAECO Blue

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CapCerta Windfarm Wohlsdorf

CapCerta GmbH & Co. KG. has become the latest shareholder in NAECO Blue following significant investment in the innovative renewable energy planning solutions developer this month. The investment catalyzes NAECO Blue’s development of future technologies using AI and machine learning to forecast energy production and consumption from renewable resources through a unique, algorithm-based Data-as-a-Service Solution.

“To join forces with CapCerta is a huge step for us as it helps us to boost our innovative algorithm based predictive solution to the next level and get as close to predicting the future as possible,” said Felix Ollech, Founder and CEO of NAECO Blue GmbH.

Torsten Klemm and Felix Ollech

“The investment and cooperation with CapCerta is a huge benefit for building up our IT infrastructure, leveraging our extensive knowledge-base and further automating our algorithm to become a fast, stand-alone solution. Due to the access to the data of one of Germanys biggest state of the art windfarms, being just realized partly by CapCerta, we will be able to increase the accuracy of the existing algorithm for the day-ahead energy feed-in prognosis of windfarms,” said Hannan Naseem & Maryum Nawaz, head programmers at NAECO Blue GmbH.

With on-going global energy supply-chain challenges, it is now more important than ever to harness clean energy from renewable sources. But in order to do this effectively, the volatility of wind and solar power must be addressed. NAECO Blue’s solution is a location and site-specific feed-in forecast for the next 48 hours in 15 minutes steps, the heartbeat of the energy industry, that gives energy producers, traders and energy intensive companies a dependable view of upcoming capacity.

The solution also gives solar and wind energy project developers a stable and insightful platform for reducing their risk and maximizing profits on new and established installations. The NACEO Blue developed algorithm is also capable of consumption forecasts and analyzing existing plants or simulations of new plants, as well as more diverse application for effective wind or solar park management.

The combination of feed-in, consumption and condition monitoring is the key to efficient energy use, which can mitigate grid problems and allow more energy resilience and self-sufficiency.

The CapCerta Team is thrilled to be part of the future development of a highly innovative Tech-Company working in the field of Regenerative Energies. NAECO Blue will be a key component of CapCertas future growth as innovator within the European Energy Market, said Torsten Klemm, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at CapCerta GmbH & Co. KG.

CapCerta Team

NAECO Blue’s journey to a green and renewable energy supply is possible thanks to its forward thinking and environmentally conscious first round investors. The latest financing round was supported by Dr. Conrad Grau (Lawyer specializing in corporate law, Hamburg) and Dr. Nina Wagner (Notary Mönkebergstraße, Hamburg).

Sören Themann, Daniel Esser, Torsten Klemm, Felix Ollech and Dr. Conrad Grau

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