Meet our Team: Myrna

NAECO Blue Team
Myrna Herres @ NAECO Blue
Myrna Herres

Hi, my name is Myrna and I live in Lübeck (Germany).

Last year I moved from Berlin to my adopted hometown of Lübeck.
I grew up in Berlin and trained there as a physiotherapist.
After that I started to work in Lübeck, but quickly realized that I wanted to develop further. I love to organize, plan and manage. I was missing that in this profession.

In September I started my studies in business administration at TH Lübeck. It was a very good decision and I really like it because now I can use my strengths.

The best way to use the learned things is to use it directly in the reality. Therefore I´m very happy to work at NAECO Blue besides my studies. It´s a special opportunity to put what I have learned into practise. I support NAECO Blue in some parts of business administration, planning and organisation as assistants of the board.

I´m looking forward to the upcoming exciting time with NAECO Blue and the international energy market.

Outside of work and study I play Beach volleyball and love to travel the world.

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