The energy transition needs more power

NAECO Blue Team

Due to the strong increase in demand for renewable energy, more challenges are arising. In order to be able to solve them in a targeted manner, NAECO Blue has also expanded its team.

In cooperation with PIEAS (Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Science) and Dr. Muhammad Abid, University of Applied Science Nordhausen, Hannan Nassem, Saima Saleem and Maryum Nawaz, it was possible to build another remote team and further accelerate the energy transition.

Learn more about the newest team members at NAECO Blue:

Raiqa Rasool

Hello, I’m Raiqa Rasool. I am from Sialkot (Pakistan). I am currently doing my Bachelor of Computer Science at PIEAS (Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Science).

My first interaction with programming was in my first semester of my bachelor’s degree and my first answer was, “What is this? Language of aliens??” But by the end of the first semester, I was totally in love with development and started exploring this field on my own, doing courses and projects, and here I am working as a full stack web developer today.

I’m also in love with machine learning and how it can solve big problems in a very simple way. I took computer vision and machine learning courses in college and am currently researching this area. So, my ultimate goal is to become an ML engineer, because for me, machine learning is something that could completely change the world, and besides, this is a field that is an amalgamation of my two loves (development and ML), and I don’t want to be unfaithful to one for the other, because for me both are equally important.

I recently joined the AI ​​and automation team at Naeco Blue as an intern. I loved how NAECO Blue is trying to change the world with ML. I also liked the atmosphere at NAE Blue as everyone here is very cooperative and friendly. The CEO of NAECO Blue makes sure to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable asking questions.

Saleha Shahzad

Hi, this is Saleha Shahzad and I’m 22 years old. I’m from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I am currently enrolled in BS in Computer Sciences at PIEAS.

When I was made to study AI and Machine Learning, I realized that this is what I’d always wanted my career to be in. So, after completing my 6th semester I started looking for an internship in AI or any of its domains. There, luckily I came across NAECO Blue which ended my search.

I was touched by the idea and motivation behind NAECO Blue. As we all know that the world is facing major energy crisis and there is a pressing need to develop renewable solutions. But for those, one needs precise and accurate forecasting data. NAECO Blue aims to provide forecasts used by the renewable energy (wind and solar) power plants. It uses AI to predict the next 48 hours forecasts for the power plants. Also using the forecast information provided by NAECO Blue, it becomes easier to decide the location of planting a power station.

Knowing this made me join NAECO Blue as Data Analyst intern. Honoured to be part of this team. Looking forward to gaining some incredible experience at NAECO Blue.

Ahmed Abdullah

Hi, I’m Ahmed Abdullah, and I’m 22 years old. Basically, I’m from Attock, Pakistan, but I grew up in Rawalpindi. I’ve done my Bachelor in Computer and Information Sciences from one of the reputed university of Pakistan i.e. PIEAS.

I was in my third semester when my interest started to grow in the field of AI and Machine Learning, so that’s why i opted elective courses and channelized my degree towards this field. I have done multiple projects to gain strong knowledge and ended up working efficiently with Deep Learning models and getting the maximum out of it.

I’ve joined NAECO Blue as a Data Science Intern in July this year. The reason of joining NAECO Blue is their dedication towards forecasting and predicting the climate change and my keen interest of working in this (forecasting) application of AI.

I like to do travelling, gardening and cooking in my free time.

In addition to the PIEAS students, the cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen will be expanded.

Uday Kiran Kandagatla

Hello, I’m Uday Kiran Kandagatla and I’m from Warangal, India. I have completed my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. Currently, I’m pursuing my Master’s in Renewable Energy Systems at  

Hochschule Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

During my master’s, I worked on a few renewable energy projects, and I’m particularly interested in solar and wind energy. The field of data science has grown tremendously in recent years, and I am aware of how crucial data is to the energy market. Since then, I have made the decision to concentrate my career on data science and renewable energy, both of which are frequently utilized for energy forecasting and thus benefit the energy market.

My hobbies include playing cricket, chess, traveling, and photography.

Since the company’s primary focus is on forecasting renewable energies, which is a subject that interests me quite a bit, I joined NAECO Blue GmbH as a Data Scientist Intern where I can develop my abilities and have the potential to advance my career.