Meet our team: Rafael

NAECO Blue Team
Rafael Suñé

Hi, I’m Rafael Suñé (25), and I’m from Barcelona (Spain). There, I studied for my bachelor’s in physics. My concern about climate increased during my last bachelor’s years.

That’s why in 2019, I decided to study the M.Sc. Ocean and Climate Physics at Universität Hamburg, where my knowledge and interest in oceanography and climate have matured. Furthermore, I learn how important it is to work with data and how valuable it is for weather models. That is why I could improve my programming skills, and my interest in AI has increased.

I like to go climbing or play football with friends, cook vegetarian dishes, and read books in my free time.

I wanted to work for NAECO Blue because we share common goals and concerns. Both know about the current climate situation and how necessary an energy transition is needed, and it will help to do that by improving the feed-in forecast.