German Ai Startup Landscape 2023


„I am delighted to inform you that your startup has been identified as one of the 508 most promising German AI startups“

Again, NAECO Blue is below the most promissing 508 AI Startups in Germany! We are so proud to be on that map again.

The sixth annual AI Startup Landscape.

Every year, the appliedAI Institute for Europe publishes the German AI Startup Landscape – Germany’s most important and comprehensive analysis of the AI startup scene. The goal is to shed light on the AI startup landscape in Germany, drive the use of AI, and create more opportunities for partnerships between startups and companies. In addition, the general knowledge about applied AI is also to be improved.

Together with our partners from science, politics and industry, we aim to create an ecosystem that enables AI startups to flourish and help shape the future of AI for the benefit of society. By creating a centralized database of high-quality and externally validated AI startups, we provide easy access to connect enterprises and SMEs, as well as government institutions, with AI partners they trust. This year, for the first time, we are also introducing a list of the 20 most highly regarded AI startups in Germany.

Together with NVIDIA, Intel and twelve renowned venture capital firms (Cherry Ventures, Earlybird Capital, UVC Partners, Yttrium, Lakestar, High-Tech Gründerfonds, eCAPITAL, La Famiglia, Asgard, Burda Principal Investments, HV Capital, and Born2Grow), over 1000 AI startups were analyzed. All startups were founded in 2013 or after and have a primary business model based on AI (see methodology details below). All featured AI startups were founded and headquartered in Germany.

By the way, we are already accepting applications for AI Startup Landscape 2024 – so if you have a promising AI startup and want to be featured in next year’s AI Startup Landscape, feel free to apply!

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