The Future Conference in Lübeck

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Together with our #partners, Myrna Herres, Hauke Lapschies and Thomas Preisler will present the AI-PowerMatch project together with the Stadtwerke Lübeck Gruppe (Felix Schulz von Thun) at “The Future Conference”.

The AI-PowerMatch project combines the strengths of local players such as regional power supplier with innovative start-up approaches in the field of renewable energy generation forecasting and e-fleet management to jointly solve a key challenge of the energy transition: The efficient utilization of generation and grid capacities in the power system. Through political support and societal desire, a large number of decentralized renewable energy generators are being installed and integrated into the grid. However, the energy transition is not only being advanced on the generation side, but also on the consumer side: More and more decentralized consumers, such as charging points for electric cars or heat pumps, are making their way into public spaces and private households.

The parties involved in the project see themselves as core drivers of the energy transition. The startups involved combine innovation and digitalization expertise: EnergieDock GmbH offers an innovative solution for aggregating flexibility with its trading platform, IO-Dynamics provides unique, efficient access to fleet charging control with IO-ELON, and NAECO Blue GmbH creates new possibilities for predictions and forecasts for the power grid of the future with artificial intelligence. Together with an innovative, future-oriented and agile partner from the energy industry, Stadtwerke Lübeck Gruppe, together with travekom, novel business processes can be investigated and established.

The Stadtwerke Lübeck Gruppe organizes for invited guests:

The Future Conference: Energy Turnaround


Kulturwerft GOLLAN in Lübeck

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